Thursday, April 27, 2017


Faszination weltweiter Kunst und Farbe
29 April - 8 May 2017
Cultural Center House Ebergard, Diez

The logo of the exhibitionEnter into Art 2017

More than 400 artworks of artists from 40 Countries and 5 Continents on display in the culture centre Kulturbunker of Cologne, Germany. The exhibition shows small format artworks connected by the themes of inspiration and meditation. 

I show there some of my small prints: 'American Diary' I and II and 'Lake'.

The Cultural Center House Ebergard in Diez - Photo Courtesy Enter into Art

Oltre 400 opere di artisti da 40 Paesi e dai cinque continenti in mostra al centro culturale Kulturbunker di Colonia, in Germania. La mostra propone opere di piccolo formato legate ai temi dell'ispirazione e della meditazione.

Espongo alcune mie piccole grafiche d'arte: 'American Diary I e II' e 'Lake - lago'.

One of my prints on show at Enter Into Art - Köln © Laura Manfredi

Über 400 Kunstbilder aus 5 Kontinenten und mehr als 40 Ländern. Die Kunstinstallation zeigt kleinformatige Bilder internationaler Künstler unter Einbeziehung meditativer Aspekte.

Ich stelle dort drei Kunstwerke aus: 'American Diary I und II' und 'Lake'.

The exhibition in Diez - Photo Courtesy Enter into Art

The exhibition in Diez - Photo Courtesy Enter into Art